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Data bug infestation

Microsoft concedes that the data gobbling Access bug affects not only all versions of the database program, but also its widely-used Jet database engine.

A recently discovered bug seems to be multiplying, at least from Microsoft's step-by-step concessions. On successive days this week, executives admitted that the Access problem exists, that it affects all versions of the popular database, and that it is more deeply infested in other products.

Data access bug affects Jet
A bug affecting Microsoft's Access database also affects a widely used database engine, dramatically expanding the potential scope of the problem.

Data bug in all versions of Access
Data bug in all versions of Access Microsoft acknowledges that a nasty bug discovered last week affects more versions of its Access database than it originally thought.

Microsoft database loses records
A bug found in Microsoft Access by a developer last week--and repeatedly reproduced since then--affects the way database records are changed.