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Dashcam captures plane calmly merging with rush hour traffic

Technically Incorrect: A driver in Southern California records a student pilot politely observing vehicle etiquette -- even if he's in the wrong type of vehicle.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

The plane is just to the left of the SUV. Calico Strike/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Oh, it was close enough to the airport, wasn't it?

And how tidily it slipped into traffic.

Still, for one driver pootling in the Orange County, California, rush-hour traffic it was still quite a sight. There was the driver waiting for the red light to change.

And there, as if politely observing the green light, was a Piper Cherokee that had just landed and was rolling along from left to right through the intersection.

The footage of the incident, which happened on the evening of September 16, is now reaching viral liftoff on YouTube. And who wouldn't have reacted just as the driver who filmed it on his dashcam did, with an "Are you kidding me?"

The Orange County Register reports that the plane was blessed with a student pilot and his instructor. It had intended to land at nearby John Wayne Airport, but somehow missed a turn (or something.) The FAA is investigating.

As perhaps many would have done, the dashcam driver turned right at the corner to see what happened next to the plane. And there it was, come to a halt politely in the right hand lane that's typically reserved for the slowest-moving traffic.

It's currently unknown why the plane made such a surprising landing, but reports suggest that there was no damage to either the plane, its passengers or anyone else.

The sound of the plane's brakes must, though, have alarmed at least one or two people.

I wonder when the student pilot's next lesson was. Or is. Or may be.