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Dash Navigation's mystery in-car GPS machine

Dash Navigation's mystery in-car GPS machine

Start-up company Dash Navigation is making quite a lofty promise with its upcoming in-car navigation system. If you take a trip over to Dash's Web site, you'll see a flashy little intro that proclaims that the Dash will do for driving what TV did for entertainment and cell phones did for communication. All right, Dash, you have our attention. Details are pretty sparse at the moment, but John Biggs over at CrunchGear had a nice chat with Dash CEO Paul Lego and got some more info. The most interesting bit is that the GPS device will have an always-on connection (via Wi-Fi or cellular), so you can get real-time traffic information and weather and even chat with other Dash users. Lego added that the software will have a "55mph user interface" so you won't be able to e-mail or surf the Net--for now, anyway. The first unveiling of the mystery machine will be at the DEMO Conference in San Diego, September 26 and 27.

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