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Darwin tries to evolve Wiimote technology

A new controller supposedly works with PCs and non-Wii consoles.


Whether Nintendo likes it or not, the Wii may be in the midst of a forced evolution of both the commercial and DIY variety.

The latter was seen recently when the console's Wiimote system was the subject of a high-profile hack by a Carnegie Mellon researcher that yielded some impressive results. Now a company called Motus has created a controller that works like the Wiimote on PCs and non-Wii consoles.

Dubbed "Darwin," the controller uses gyroscopes and accelerometers for tracking motion and is said to be more accurate than the infrared system used by the Wii, according to Dvice. It's supposed to be faster too--so, for the sake of all involved, we hope the company has given some serious thought to a strap.