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Darth Vader is alive! In Tennessee (seriously)

The Force may be with you if you need to have surgery in one Memphis-area hospital.


Darthvader Williamson at work.

Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett

The Sith lord Darth Vader could sense your innermost emotions, but surgical tech Darthvader Williamson takes a more direct approach to seeing what's actually inside you by assisting in more traditional internal medicine.

Yes, that's the legal name of the 39-year-old employee of Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett in suburban Memphis (it's on his birth certificate and everything). He explained via a YouTube video uploaded by the hospital last week that his father was a huge fan of the Sith and the original "Star Wars" film that was released on May 25, 1977, shortly before Williamson's birth.

Being a real-life Lord Vader does come with some odd expectations and responsibilities.

"I've been asked for autographs, I've been asked to take pictures, I've had people say 'Hey, the opening for 'Star Wars' is coming up, can you go with me?'"

Perhaps not surprisingly, Williamson has so far declined all invitations to attend any of the new, 21st-century Star Wars films. In fact, he hasn't seen any movies from the franchise except for the original trilogy from the '70s and '80s.

As for the obvious question? The answer is no. His favorite character is actually Boba Fett.

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