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Darth Vader version of Simon breathes in his own creepy way

This new version of the memory game is shaped like Vader's famed helmet and even plays "The Imperial March."

Look for the Star Wars-themed Simon game to come out in 2017.


I was obsessed with Simon as a kid. The simple electronic memory game came out well before we 1980s kids had personal computers, and it was as addictive as it was colorful. You remember: It played a pattern, you repeated the pattern, it got tougher, you eventually messed up, it blatted evilly at you, you kicked it under the couch.

Simon is still around, and has undergone plenty of modern makeovers, but this latest one with a Star Wars theme kicks me right back to those jelly-shoe days.

The Darth Vader-shaped Simon is due out in spring and will sell for $24.99 (£18.75, AU$33). Sections of Vader's mask flash in the four typical Simon colors of red, yellow, blue and green, but it's the sounds that send it over the top. First off, Vader's eerie, I've-got-the-croup breathing can be heard in the background while you play. And best of all, the four squares don't play the generic Simon noises, but instead beep out the iconic "Imperial March" by John Williams, otherwise known as Darth Vader's infamous theme.

I'm going to just assume that if you mess up, the Dark Lord himself will sweep into the room and demonstrate his famed choke hold. On second thought, I probably should stick to a Rubik's Cube.

(Via io9)