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Darth Vader turns to the art side

In the fictional "Star Wars" universe, Darth Vader represents pure evil. In our universe, the iconic evil Lord of the Sith represents a techy art subject.

"Luke, I am your keyboard." Gabriel Dishaw

Even a stoic sci-fi bad guy like Darth Vader, with his menacing helmet, can be reborn into a fancy, smile-inducing art piece.

Indiana-based artist Gabriel Dishaw created an unusual twist on Darth Vader with an upcycled mask, which features a smorgasbord of old junk attached and integrated into the Sith Lord's helmet. The parts include various keys, circuit boards, and other appendages sourced from ancient adding machines, typewriters, and computers. Any of you out there with some extra holiday cash can pick up the one-of-a-kind Darth Vader junk art mask on Etsy for a crisp $800.

On his Etsy page, Dishaw sells other subjects plastered with forgotten tech, and he's built high-end junk sculptures since the mid '90s.

"I begin each sculpture with an idea of how can I take these found pieces of useless metal and insignificant objects and create something that everyone can understand and relate to," Dishaw says about his work, on his Facebook page. "I find myself looking at ordinary mechanical items to see how I could turn that something into something else not originally intended for that use."

"What is thy typing, your master?" Gabriel Dishaw

(Via HardOCP)