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Darth Vader-themed Star Wars Battlefront PS4 bundle costs $450

You can now preorder the bundle at retailers across the country.

The Star Wars Battlefront PlayStation 4 bundles announced last month are now available for preorder at retailers across the country. Pricing was not disclosed when these were originally announced, but now we know the Limited Edition version will go for $450 while the Standard model sells for $400.

The premium console sports an epic Darth Vader design and launches November 17 alongside the game. It comes with the Battlefront Deluxe Edition, as well as a custom DualShock 4 controller inspired by Darth Vader's chest panel.


Also included in the package are four free digital games:

They each are playable for the first time on PS4, and have "enhanced graphics" and trophy support. You can preorder these bundles today by following the links below.

The standard Battlefront bundle, meanwhile, comes with a regular PS4, jet black DualShock 4 controller, a copy of Battlefront, and the four digital Star Wars games. Preorder links are below.


In addition, you can now preorder the Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars PS4 Bundle, which will be sold exclusively through Walmart for $450. This bundle launches on November 13.