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Darth Vader interviews for a job with a Texas police department

The famous Star Wars Sith Lord looks for post-Death Star job opportunities in a whimsical video from the Fort Worth, Texas, police department.

Darth Vader doesn't impress the Forth Worth police recruiters.

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Life is tough if you're an out-of-work Sith Lord with a sketchy employment history. You might reconsider your dedication to the dark side. You might contemplate a new career path. You might apply for a job at the Fort Worth Police Department in Texas.

An entertaining recruitment video published by the InsideFWPD YouTube channel on Thursday shows what would happen if Darth Vader interviewed to become a cop.

Sergeant Steve Enright sits down across a desk from the Sith Lord and gives the heavy-breathing helmet-wearing baddie a thorough questioning based on his resume. Enright maintains a deadpan puzzled expression as he scrutinizes the application and inquires about Vader's qualifications to become a police officer.

Vader's pitch involves how he had "great success in ruling the galaxies." He insists that the Death Star blowing up while under his command was clearly "not my fault."

Vader cites his proficiency at using the Force, to which Enright responds, "We refer to it as 'use of force' and I don't think it's quite the same thing as you think it is."

Vader can't resist showing off his skills by scooting the officer's coffee cup across the desk. He attempts to change Enright's mind by telling him, "I am the recruit you are looking for."

In the real world, Darth Vader would have a tough time making it through the Fort Worth police-recruiting process. The department requires recruits to pass an obstacle course-style physical assessment, provide a detailed personal history, pass a background investigation and submit to a polygraph test and psychological examination. You can't force-choke your way out of all of that.

(Via Laughing Squid)