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'Darth by Darthwest' melds Star Wars with a Hitchcock thriller

Suspense, a snazzy suit, Cary Grant and a bunch of droids come together for a retelling of the famous airplane scene from "North by Northwest."

You know from the opening moments that this ain't your grandma's "North by Northwest." There are toothy sarlacc pits scarring the barren landscape. Cary Grant as Roger Thornhill emerges from a bus near a "UFO Stop" sign. Aliens scurry around in the distance. Thornhill waits as various Star Wars vehicles mosey by. Then the action really kicks in.

The mashup video is the work of director and screenwriter Fabrice Mathieu. In Alfred Hitchcock's famous "North by Northwest" thriller, Grant is chased by a cropduster airplane. In Mathieu's alternate reality, he's terrorized by a TIE fighter from the dark side of the force.

The video also features cameos from Star Wars favorites like C-3PO and BB-8. All the suspense of the original scene is intact, it's just a lot more sci-fi than Hitchcock could have ever imagined. There is a bit of a surprise ending as a famous starship comes to the rescue. At least we finally know the answer to what would have happened if Hitchcock and George Lucas worked on a film together.

(Via Popular Mechanics)