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Tech Industry

Co-founder of Twitter’s talent agency arm leaves company

Darren Lachtman co-founded "Niche," which Twitter acquired in 2016 for $30 million.


Twitter headquarters

James Martin/CNET

What constitutes as celebritydom and internet fame has radically changed over the last few years thanks to social media. Now, one of the leading people in charge of fostering internet stars on Twitter has left.

Darren Lachtman, who co-founded the New York start-up Niche, connected popular personalities on social media to brands. The company was later acquired by Twitter for $30 million and together, stars created sponsored content on Twitter and Vine (the latter of which has since ceased in 2016).

Lachtman's departure was first reported by Recode. He announced his departure over (what else) Twitter, and said that Nick Millman and Kristen Lachtman will be the current heads of Niche US.

Twitter didn't immediately respond for a request to comment.