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Check out DARPA's new podcast -- so far, no insane killer robots

The government agency that brings you new military tech, now brings you its first podcast: "Voices from DARPA."

DARPA / BostonDynamics' BigDog slips on a banana peel.

Boston Dynamics

You might know the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) from such exciting projects as Atlas the Terminator-like robot, the DARPA Grand Challenge that brought us driverless cars or...basically the entire internet. Well, DARPA isn't all about robots and weapons. In fact, they now have a very human and very current podcast -- and the premiere episode gets things off to a good start!

You press play and hear the pings of a radar followed by the screeches of a dial-up modem that crescendo into the explosive blast of a rocket soaring skyward. The warm curious voice of host Ivan Amato introduces you to DARPA's "Molecule Man," Tyler McQuade. McQuade is a Carl Sagan junkie with a passion for "billions and billions of molecules" -- instead of Sagan's famous stars.

The 14-minute long water cooler chat is a nice balance between personal stories and science talk. "Voices from DARPA" will be a series whose future episodes explore biotech, defense science, "information innovation," strategic and tactical technology...and at least one of those topics will probably include killer robots (wishful thinking).

Curious about molecules or what it's like to work for DARPA? Check out the first episode "Molecule Man" at SoundCloud.