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Darn, Samsung Galaxy Skin merely a concept

Wondering if Samsung was really going to launch a bendable, flexible OLED phone next year? We're not so sure.

Would you buy a bendable phone? Heyon You
It's possible this could be real one day. Heyon You

Concept cell phones are a dime a dozen these days.

Several months ago, for example, images of a flexible Samsung Galaxy Skin cell phone emerged courtesy of South Korean designer Heyon You. Nearly a dozen images showed a forward-thinking ultrathin, ultralight flexible OLED cell phone running a future version of the Android OS. There was even a set of specifications given that fueled excitement about the concept, such as a built-in projector and graphene as one of the phone's materials.

Recently, the International Business Times and the Telegraph ran stories confirming the Skin's existence, and a rumored release time frame of the second quarter of 2012.

In a brief statement to UK magazine T3, however, Samsung said the Skin is not in. "It is a project that has been carried out by design students and is just a concept product. Samsung was not involved in the project," a Samsung rep told T3. "The students used the name Galaxy Skin and the Samsung logo in their concept to make it look more like a commercial product."

Fortunately, we will eventually live in a world full of consumer electronics made from flexible, bendable OLED technology that we can wear on our wrists like a watch. The stepping stones are there. Samsung showed off a bendable AMOLED display (that has a very similar form factor to the Skin) at CES 2011 as seen in the video below.

Sony revealed flexible OLED concept devices including a laptop at CES 2010. Stanford University also showed off a flexible, transparent lithium ion battery several months ago.

So it appears the technology for making a product like the Skin is progressing nicely, but as for when it will hit the market widely, that's still anyone's guess.