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WhatsApp dark mode arrives in new beta for Android app

Embrace the darkening.

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Dark mode appears to be coming to WhatsApp. 

Angela Lang/CNET

We've seen dark mode come to popular Android apps such as Pinterest, Instagram and Gmail in recent months and now it finally appears to be heading to one of the most popular messaging apps on the planet, WhatsApp

Spotted by, a new beta of an update for the messaging platform's Android app has revealed that the Facebook-owned app is testing out dark mode. Once downloaded, a new theme option in WhatsApp's settings will allow you to switch between the display modes or let the operating system decide, depending on whether battery saver mode is turned on. 

There doesn't initially appear to be much else noteworthy in the beta update beyond the new display theme. 

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As well as being more aesthetically pleasing to some, dark mode apps can help improve battery life on devices with OLED displays as it doesn't light up the whole screen and instead only turns on the pixels it needs.

It is unclear when the beta will extend to a full release for Android or iOS, but the new update does at least show that the feature is in the works.