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Dare they learn something new?



Dare they learn something new?

In response to the April 17 column by Peter Burris, "Watch out when technology runs amok":

"I'll bring my size-12 feet to bear on IT charlatans who preach gadgetry over value, novelty over usability and, critically, things over people."

I'd like to add my size-13 boots to bear on IT and business unit managers that spout off buzzwords and are great at quoting the last article they've read. As you mentioned, the decision makers need to step up and get more educated before making snap decisions.

In the last 10 years, I've worked at a pretty decent variety of verticals and projects and gone from code warrior in the trenches to technology executive. I've seen IT staffs and managers with nary a hope of understanding business requirements. I've seen a consistent lack of understanding in organizations, from large to small, on how to best leverage IT, and where appropriate, technology. I've seen a consistent inability for the organization, as an entity, to listen to advice; rare is the scenario where some puffy egos turn a deaf ear--dare they learn something new?

More endemic, however, is the inability to shift and update business processes. That spells certain doom, and no amount of IT, or technology, can help or cover.

Sam R. Akhtar
Tampa, Fla