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Daniel Craig cosplays as Roger Moore for new Bond poster

The first poster for the new James Bond movie "Spectre" feels like a blast from the past as Daniel Craig boldly rocks a turtleneck.

Daniel Craig "Spectre" teaser poster
Daniel Craig's 007 outfit mines the past. MGM

When you think of James Bond, you probably think of tuxedos, martinis and svelte cars. But when he's not dressed to kill, secret agent 007 has been known to relax in less dressy clothes. Take Roger Moore in "Live and Let Die" from 1973, for example. He was all about dark pants and a matching turtleneck.

In a nod to Bond movie history, a new teaser poster for the upcoming 007 film "Spectre" shows star Daniel Craig assertively wearing the same outfit as Moore, complete with an around-the-shoulder gun harness. "Live and Let Die" marked Moore's debut as Bond, while "Spectre" will be Craig's fourth time around as the suave action hero.

The poster may be visually dramatic, but it's also keeping plot details well under wraps. We just know Craig will be applying his steely stare to the screen. We also know Christoph Waltz (known for "Django Unchained" and "Inglourious Basterds") is co-starring in "Spectre" as a character named Oberhauser.

The in 2014. The leaked script gave away some pretty serious spoilers, but anyone who avoided reading the purloined material will still be surprised when the movie comes out. "Spectre" is set to open in theaters worldwide on November 6 of this year.

Roger Moore in "Live and Let Die"
Roger Moore sports a turtleneck in 1973. MGM

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