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Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor not a lawyer

    In response to the report written by Paul Festa, "Appeals court revisits Eolas decision":

    I've got to laugh at this patent dispute involving Microsoft, Mike Doyle, the U.S. Patent Office, the University of California--as well as all the other imaginable tech patent disputes floating around out there.

    What we all have today and use was beamed into our homes every week on TV--and it all leads from one man named Gene Roddenberry. The short list includes wireless communications, remote wireless surveillance, computer voice interaction, handhelds, removable storage, digital media transmission and display, digital media storage, and playback on demand,...and a bizarre and utterly alien concept for many at home watching--binary data transmission.

    This invalidates all these so-called controversial computer patents out there today. What is most disgusting about it is they give Gene zero credit for his prior art of demonstrating it to tens of millions of people long before such claims ever reached the U.S. Patent Office.

    Jim Smyser
    Aspen, Colo.