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Dam, that's cool: Water flows upward in Hoover Dam video

Plan to pour one out for your homies? Remember this cool liquid experiment for your next summer vacation.

There are certain truths we hold to be self-evident. The sun rises in the east, day follows night, there'll always be a weird new Oreo flavor, my Minnesota Vikings will never win the Super Bowl. And when you pour out a bottle of water, it flows down to the ground, not up in the air.

Unless you're at Hoover Dam, apparently. Leslie Hutchings and Camila Higgs traveled there this month and shot a video of an amazing experiment. Yes, the water is going up, not down, when poured out over the dam.

"The structure of the dam creates an upward draft that makes water actually defy gravity -- instead of traveling downwards, it is carried upwards by the wind," Hutchings wrote on YouTube earlier this month. "You have to see it to believe it! We didn't know just how powerful it was until we experimented and poured water over the edge. A must do on your trip to the American Southwest!"

If you want to play with water in winter, this Minnesotan suggests a similar experiment, where you toss boiling water into the air in achingly cold temps all for the fun of watching this happen.