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Dalek tree could exterminate Christmas if it wanted to

The latest alien invasion of Earth comes in the form of a Dalek Christmas tree with lots of pretty, sparkly lights.

Dalek tree
Exter-min-ate! Cel-e-brate! Dain Sandoval

If you thought the Grinch was bad news, you haven't yet met the Dalek Christmas tree, an alien entity so evil it wants to not only wipe out Christmas, but all of humanity as well. That's one chimney Santa Claus is going to regret sliding down.

Doctor Who's most famous villain has appeared in the abode of Dain Sandoval, a network admin in California. There have been no reports of casualties... yet.

The tree has been artfully rounded on top to approximate a Dalek's dome. It has a light-up red eye, red lights for the body dots, a plunger arm, and what appears to be a recycled paint roller for the other arm.

The Dalek tree lights up in a traditionally festive fashion, no doubt to lure its human prey in closer. I would be wary about keeping any presents within its reach. Here's hoping Sandoval sleeps with one eye open and a sonic screwdriver at the ready. You just never know when a Dalek Christmas tree might turn on you.

Dalek tree with another Dalek
Oh no! It has a friend! Dain Sandoval

(Via Geekologie)