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Star Wars star Daisy Ridley raps, speaks (a little) Shyriiwook

British actress who plays Rey is Vogue magazine's November cover girl, and answers some questions along the way.

Want to get to know Daisy Ridley before she returns as Rey in "The Last Jedi" in two months? Check out her 73-question interview with Vogue magazine, where she's November's cover girl.

The Star Wars-related highlights: Ridley can manipulate a lightsaber like she was born with one in her hand. If she had her own droid, she would program it to "make me tea every morning." And while she delivered a sentence in fluent Japanese, she's not quite as strong in Shyriiwook, the howling-growling language of Wookiees. "I don't speak it very well," she admitted. "I just understand it." 

She also thinks her father and Harrison Ford are "sort of alike," showing a photo as possible proof. But we're not seeing a physical resemblance.


Harrison Ford, left, and Daisy Ridley's dad, right. Maybe they have similar personalities?

Lucasfilm/Video screenshot by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

Other fun facts: Gray is her favorite color, though she admits, "it sounds sorta depressing." Her nicknames include The Baby, Dazz, Dazzle and Day. Her "ultimate only-a-90s-kid will understand this" memory is growing up with the Spice Girls, and she can rap Eminem's "Lose Yourself" by heart.

And when she's asked to reveal all the spoilers from the upcoming "Last Jedi," she pulls a trick worthy of Han Solo himself. (Watch the very end of the video to find out.)

"The Last Jedi" opens Dec. 15.