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Watch Daisy Ridley build a Lego Millennium Falcon

Star Wars star reveals which color lightsaber she'd choose, plus other tidbits, all while snapping together the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.

As Rey in the Star Wars saga, Daisy Ridley may know how to fly the Millennium Falcon -- but can she build one? In a fun video posted Friday, Elle magazine UK quizzed the actress about the movie series while she was occupied assembling a Lego version of the famed spaceship. 

While she doesn't specify which model she has (Lego geniuses can freeze-frame the box), it appears quite a bit smaller than the $800 (£650, AU$1,008), 7,500-piece one that just came out. (You can watch that one being built -- not by Ridley -- in this cool time-lapse video from September.)

"You would think that my second pop at Star Wars I would feel like a pro but in fact I actually felt much more nervous," she confessed. "I felt more responsibility and more personal pressure because I knew what people had taken from it."

She also talked about what color lightsaber she'd want ("pink and glittery"), that her father still prefers Star Trek to Star Wars and her favorite wardrobe item (a blue faux-fur jacket that "makes me look like Sully from 'Monsters Inc.'").

But somehow, we're not believing that Ridley herself assembled this complex Lego kit all by herself in 5 minutes, as she says. That ship may be the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, but Rey is also a pretty good bluffer.

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" opens in the UK along with Australia on Dec. 14 and in the US on Dec. 15.

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