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Daisy Ridley faces some tough questions about Star Wars

Actor Josh Gad continues his Episode VIII interrogation.

Josh Gad is a man of the people. And the people want to know about Star Wars.

So, naturally, he used his downtime on the set of "Murder on the Orient Express" to grill his co-star Daisy "possible Skywalker" Ridley.

While his question about the title of Episode VIII has been answered -- the German and Spanish language posters confirmed that "The Last Jedi" is a plural -- Ridley expertly stonewalled all of his (and Dame Judi Dench's) inquiries in the first three videos. But he's not messing around in the fourth and final attempt.

Pursuant to Mr. Gad's wishes, I won't give away the surprise first. Here it is:

OK, you've watched it? Good. I'm glad we cleared up the "Jurassic World 2" release date (June 22). That changes everything.

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" (plural) will be released in theaters on December 15. That's 296 days, 8 hours, 37 minutes at time of writing. But who's counting?