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Daily tidbits: MySpace ate my degree; Mogulus goes pro, and more

It's Friday, December 5, and Webware has all the scoops on the latest news hitting the Web today., a company that provides original historical documents online, announced Friday that it has inked a deal with the National Archives to launch the Web's first-ever interactive World War II collection. It will include an interactive version of the USS Arizona Memorial, World War II Hero Pages, and World War II photos and documents previously unavailable on the Web. The collection will be free to access for a limited time, but Footnote's annual subscription fee of $69.95 will apply after the introductory period has ended.

A would-be college grad was denied her Bachelor's degree in education after a federal court ruled Thursday that her college did not violate her First Amendment rights by denying her the degree. The student was pictured on her MySpace page with a cocktail in her hand featuring the caption, "Drunken Pirate" along with a derogatory mention of a supervising teacher at her student-teacher job. She lost her student-teacher position because of the picture, which caused the school to withhold her education degree due to the incompletion of her graduation requirements.

Community calling provider, TalkShoe, has unveiled an "Instant Talkcasting" feature that will allow users to use their mobile phone to call into TalkShoe, record what they want to say, and post it directly to their TalkShoe page. The new feature is available now.

Mogulus, an online Web video streaming company, announced that it has launched a premium service called Mogulus Pro, which allows users to remove its ads, offers detailed analytics, and stream content in HD and widescreen modes. The service costs $350 per month for a single Pro channel or $1,250 monthly for 10 channels.