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Mistaken Twitter identity sends Daily Mail scorn to Daily Mali

Social Cues: After a controversially leggy front page on the UK tabloid, an innocent bystander wants to clear the record.


Social Cues is our look at what people are talking about acorss social media.


This is one case where "don't @ me" might actually come in handy.

The phrase, much trafficked on Twitter, usually comes as a sign-off after someone writes a controversial tweet or an unpopular opinion, urging people to not even bother trying to engage.

In the Daily Mali's case, it's not that they don't want to hear criticism -- more that it's a serious case of mistaken identity.

The Twitter handle @MaliDaily, which describes itself as a source of news and analysis about the nation of Mali, has been fielding social media scorn that's meant for the Daily Mail. The UK tabloid, you see, on Tuesday published a "Legs-it" front page that emphasized the south-of-the-skirt lower limbs of British Prime Minister Theresa May and Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Responding to critics, the Daily Mail argued that it was making the serious topic of Brexit and a potential Scottish independence referendum more approachable, the BBC reported. The tabloid has been getting blasted across social media, with the trending hashtag #legsit and people criticizing what they see as sexist treatment of "two of the most powerful people in the UK."

Politicians including Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn took to Twitter to slam the publication.

An innocent bystander located just a couple of transposed letters away, the Daily Mali has been catching flak and it's tired of hearing complaints about something it didn't even do.

The Daily Mali itself blasted the cover as "offensively sexist," before redirecting traffic to the Daily Mail's actual Twitter @MailOnline. George Osborn, a writer on Twitter, not the member of Parliament, tweeted at the publication and said he shared its pain.

Just remember, be sure to check the handle clearly before you tweet at someone.

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