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Daily Debrief: Icahn, Microsoft team up on Yahoo

On Monday's edition of the Daily Debrief, Kara Tsuboi and Dawn Kawamoto of CNET News discuss both Carl Icahn's and Microsoft's long-running pursuit of the company.

Ever since Microsoft first stated its intention to purchase Yahoo in February, and Yahoo said no, it's been a roller coaster as the deal goes through its on-again, off-again phases. On Monday's edition of the Daily Debrief, I sat down with reporter Dawn Kawamoto to get the scoop on the latest news that Microsoft might again be interested in acquiring the company, or perhaps just the search portion.

In a one-two punch type of delivery system, investor Carl Icahn and Microsoft appear to have teamed up to oust Yahoo's board. Kawamoto explains why this technique may be the most effective of all and why it could have broad appeal to shareholders. While Icahn has unveiled this portion of his plan, he has yet to name the members of the dissident slate. I hope everyone is still hanging on tight as our coaster has yet another hill to climb with the end of the ride nowhere in sight.