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Daily Debrief: Bill Gates reflects on the past, looks ahead

CNET's Kara Tsuboi talks with senior writer Ina Fried about Bill Gates' imminent departure from Microsoft.

Over the years, CNET senior writer Ina Fried has had around a dozen one-on-one interviews with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates. She just returned from Redmond, Wash., with her latest (I won't say last, because you never know!) interview, and I sit down with her in Tuesday's edition of the Daily Debrief and talk about his imminent departure from the company.

As everyone has suspected, and as Ina reiterates, Gates will, despite his retirement, continue to play a part-time role at Microsoft, lending his expertise and vision where he sees fit. One particular pet project is the continued development of the company's search technologies. Friday is Gates' last day with Microsoft, and while I imagine the departure will be imperceptible to the general public, it will no doubt be fascinating to see how Gates' baby takes its first few steps without him.