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Daily Debrief: Apple's MobileMe has a tough time launching

In Monday's edition of the Daily Debrief,'s Kara Tsuboi and Elsa Wenzel discuss Apple's newly released MobileMe, which proves to be not quite as mobile as expected.

During last week's frenzy over the launch of the iPhone 3G, another Apple product launch got somewhat lost in the shuffle. Maybe that's not such a bad thing, considering the glitches it ran into. The product is MobileMe and its intent is to link all of your Apple applications like mail, photo storage, and music all onto an online server so you can access your media from a variety of sources: home laptop, office computer, iPhone, etc...

In Monday's edition of the Daily Debrief, I talked with associate editor Elsa Wenzel who has been dutifully--yet unsuccessfully--trying to play with the software and its features. The login site seems to be overloaded and kicks her off after a few minutes of poking around. Despite initial frustrations, Elsa seems optimistic that the service will be a good, comprehensive solution to the complicated file sharing people do between their various machines. As a .Mac subscriber myself, I know I will appreciate the extra storage and access to all of my media on all of my machines.