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Dad attacks teen after dying in Call of Duty

British father admits to attacking a teenager after his character was killed off in a game of Call of Duty online. Possible mental health issues may have spurred the man.

Call of Duty screenshot
It's just a video game. GameSpot

What was that I heard about the British being mild-mannered? A dad in England apparently didn't get the national memo.

According to a report in the Plymouth Herald, Mark Bradford admitted to attacking a teenager after the sharp-shooter took Bradford's character out during a round of Call of Duty online.

Bradford's breakdown came after the boy teased him about the triumph.

The attack broke up what otherwise might have been an unremarkable moment where both were playing on PlayStations from different residences and communicating over microphones.

Bradford, 46, reportedly drove to the teen's address to carry out the choking assault that resulted in a scratch and reddening of the boy's neck. It's funny when Homer Simpson does it to Bart, but the humor dries up quickly when it happens in the real world.

According to the report, Bradford, a father of three, may have some mental health issues. He is currently out on bail and is due back in court October 24.

Correction, 1:41 p.m.: The story originally misstated Bradford's relationship to the teen. The boy was not Bradford's son.