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Dacor range wants to get to know you

The Dacor Epicure 30-inch Dual-Fuel Range offers different cooking modes for precision results.

Waiting to learn. Dacor

Getting dialed into your personal workspace is a fun and exciting challenge. When that space is the kitchen--specifically the oven--the resulting meals that emerge are like no others. Experience tells you if the oven runs hot or on the cool side, where the hot spots are, and even which burner burns better. Knowledgeable cooks in their own familiar kitchens are capable of producing anything. Trial and error gives way to familiarity, and understanding of the tools at hand gives way to delicious meals.

The Dacor Epicure 30-inch Dual-Fuel Range offers the home cook a number of nuanced cooking options. The four dual-valve burners feature three top heat levels: one 18,000 BTU searing burner, two 16,000 BTU burners, and one 8,500 BTU burner. Just learning the stovetop will keep some cooks occupied with creating delicate dishes, but the oven itself offers options for home baking. With four convection modes and two conventional modes, finding the perfect settings for your favorite recipes will take some (delicious) trial and error.

The patented RapidHeat baking and broiling element, along with the convection features, make getting to know this oven a painless experience. Even heating and better circulation means those all-too-familiar hot spots from older ovens are eliminated. Combined with neat external features such as a tilting control panel and illuminated burner controls, it won't take long for you to figure out what your home cooking is capable of. Learning never tasted so good.