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D5 conference report: Swag out the wazoo

What do a hotel full of wealthy tech execs really need? More sponsored totebags, gadgets, and tube socks, obviously.

Two bags full, and a windbreaker too. Play the vid to see the contents. CNET Networks

I'm at the D5 conference, the one put on by the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. It's a high-end schmoozefest, and like many executive conferences of its type, all attendees are presented with "goodie bags" filled with conference sponsors' promotional items when they check in.

I've seen overflowing goodie bags before, but nothing like this. In fact, the D5 bag is actually two bags, one of which is a very nice Timbuktu backpack. For my report, see the video.

I'll be reporting on the happenings here from the conference ballroom and the demo rooms. There's a big Palm announcement coming up. We also have a reporter here specifically to cover the much-anticipated Gates/Jobs joint interview tomorrow. Stay tuned for more.