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D-Day approaches for RIM

D-Day approaches for RIM

This is it. As early as tomorrow afternoon, we could know whether Research in Motion will have to pull the plug on its BlackBerry service and devices, leaving behind a nation of stunned users with nothing to type or read on their BlackBerry. As reported by, RIM and NTP are set to square off on Friday in a federal court hearing, where U.S. District Judge James Spencer will determine whether to issue an injunction on the sale and support of BlackBerrys, as well as any damages due to NTP from RIM for alleged patent infringement. If the ruling favors NTP, the company has said it will wait 30 days before complete shutdown. Of course, RIM insists that it has a software workaround that will allow the continuation of service, but the details are vague, making the whole solution very sketchy. What will White House Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hagen do without his CrackBerry? And how will Lindsay Lohan stay in touch with all her celebrity A-list friends? We will, of course, follow the story and provide you with continuous updates, but in the meantime, sound off about the topic. If you own a BlackBerry, how worried are you about losing your device? How important is it to you? And do you think it'll really come down to a complete shutdown? TalkBack to me below.