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Cyrix issues chip recall

Problems with voltage and the ability to run at its specified speed compromise some 10,000 200-MHz 6x86MX processors.

Cyrix (CYRK) has recalled some 10,000 of its 200-MHz 6x86MX processors after discovering higher-than-average failure rates.

The substandard processors were discovered to have problems with voltage and the ability to run at the specified clock speed, the result being premature failure of the parts.

The 6x86MX is an MMX-Pentium-compatible processor. Cyrix says the processors were manufactured in May, and that few of the processors were built into systems purchased by end users.

So far, no top-tier U.S. PC vendors have used the processor in any of their computer lines. It has mostly been adopted by smaller, third-tier vendors.

New testing procedures are now in place to prevent the shipment of defective processors, and the company says that none of the currently shipping processors are affected.