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'Cygan' bot from '50s could fetch $18,000 at auction

Fond of retro robots? A monolithic Italian metal man built in 1957 will go up for auction at Christie's next month.


Calling all sci-fi enthusiasts with cash stowed under the sofa. A gigantic 1950s robot called "Cygan" is to be sold at auction next month, and could fetch upwards of $18,000.

The half-ton bot was built in Italy in 1957, the BBC reports, and was shown off in London the following year, delighting adults and children alike by dancing clumsily with a lady, and not murdering anyone.

Cygan, sometimes called Gygan, has the power to crush a can in his robotic claw, and is equipped with a camera so that his operator can monitor his movements.

Powered by a 28-volt battery, featuring 170 valves and 13 electric motors, Cygan now stands as a monument to the "Jetsons"-esque techno-optimism of the past.


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