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Cyberguard offers firewall for NT

The network security and e-commerce systems provider rolls out a version of its firewall software for Microsoft's Windows NT.

Network security and e-commerce systems provider CyberGuard today rolled out a version of its firewall software for Microsoft's Windows NT.

The CyberGuard Firewall for Windows NT with SecureGuard now includes Internet SmartProxies which adds additional intranet and extranet security features.

In addition, CyberGuard has also included its MillenniumGuard software to the Windows NT package, which provides protection from noncompliant Year 2000 sites, the company said.

The Smart Proxies expand Internet capabilities that enable users to selectively configure the firewall according to their Internet, intranet, and extranet requirements while paying just for those functions they require.

As reported earlier, the MilleniumGuard feature uses rule-based filtering to provide continuous protection from non-Year 2000 compliant applications. Year 2000 compliance means a company's computer system interprets the Year 2000 as that year rather than 1900 or a meaningless 00.

The new product also offers CyberGuard's operating system security based on its firewall for UnixWare.

Available now, pricing for the CyberGuard Firewall for Windows NT, including the new Internet SmartProxies and MillenniumGuard feature, ranges from $1,495 to $15,545, depending on the number of hosts, utilized services, and application proxy models.