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Cyberbike lets you go Wii while pedaling

The Cyberbike Magnetic Edition combines a stationary bike with an "exergame" that features virtual worlds. Already available in Europe, a new version is coming to the U.S. this summer.

The new Cyberbike Magnetic Edition turns the standard Nintendo Wii into a virtual-reality exercise bike.

It keeps your legs spinning on a stationary bike while putting you at the controls of bikes and fantastical crafts that cruise through a virtual world on the Cyberbike Cycling Sports "exergame" that ships with the bike.

A Cyberbiker in action
A Cyberbiker in action. Bigben Interactive

Developed by Bigben Interactive, a version has been sold in Europe since last year, but this new version is set to debut in the U.S. this summer. It will retail for around $170.

Of course, for similar money, you could just buy a bike and actually go outside. But, we'll assume its prime users will either be residents of Wisconsin who get one week of summer per year or raging agoraphobics. Then again, to be fair, you're not going to hop on your Huffy and pedal away underwater or through alien skies. That's what you're up to in the video game component.

In accordance with the never-ending guilt fest that is Earth Day, the game comes with a green theme that saves an ecosystem while you burn calories. According to Bigben, "players pedal to control a bicycle, submarine, wagon and helicopter through 18 circuits on planet Cyclo, eliminating pollution on the ground, in the air, and underwater."

In the game's fitness mode, players pedal until they reach a personally set distance, time, or calorie-burning goal. In multiplayer mode, up to four people can take turns getting fit.

Of course, for those desperate gamers who are averse to even virtually aided exercise, you can also play Cyberbike Cycling Sports without the exercise bike and use just standard Wii controller.

The Cyberbike menu
The Cyberbike menu. Bigben Interactive