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Cyber Woods, next golf champ?

Taiwanese roboticist putts around on the green.

The Putter Bot could change the concentration on robots playing soccer to golf. Crabfu.com

Will the next PGA champ need batteries?

I-Wei Huang, the same robot creator from Taiwan who won Best in Show in the 2008 RoboGames for his Swashbot, has another nifty little robot to show off.

The Putter Bot is a remote-controlled robot that can putt a golf ball. Huang has made a video (below) that shows it off quite well.

While the Putter Bot may just seem like another neat novelty, it could actually change robotics competitions.

Robot combat and soccer have so far been the chosen sports for robots. Going for putting a golf ball required the roboticist to implement a slightly different type of skill set for the robot. Demonstrating that this skill set is achievable could be a point of inspiration for others in the field.