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Cyber Monday sweeps social media

Social Cues: Twitter and Facebook users can't stop posting about the best deals.

Cyber Monday's deals are sweeping across social media.


Cyber Monday has dawned.

Black Friday's digital sequel is here, and social media is eating it up. People are furiously tweeting about where to find deals. Cyber Monday also taken over Facebook, with more than 1 million people posting about it.

Social Cues is our early look at what people are talking about on Facebook and Twitter each day. Here's what is trending on social media on Monday:

Cyber Monday: The deals are flying across the internet this morning, as Cyber Monday reaches the top trending topic on both Facebook and Twitter. If you want to save time, CNET has put together a guide to the best Cyber Monday deals we've found, including the lowest price yet for Google Home and some serious savings on the Xbox One S.

iPhone 6S: Bad news has rolled in for Apple, with nearly a million Facebook users chatting about the phone's battery. The company announced 10 days ago it would offer free battery replacements for the iPhone 6S for devices suffering from power issues. People who are dealing with the matter continue to spread the news on Facebook.

Krampus: Austria marked its annual anti-Christmas over the weekend, with Krampus as the bizarro Santa Claus. The Austrian folk tradition is a real nightmare before Christmas. Its demon-like creature doesn't just give gifts to the people on the nice list, it also punishes those on the naughty list. Facebook users kindled the Krampus spirit, with 28,000 people talking about the holiday.

The Walking Dead: A returning character has fans of the zombie series buzzing across Facebook. Spoilers ahead: Sunday's episode caught up with Tara, who had last appeared on the show in March. She stumbled across a camp entirely run by women, who survived a massacre by the Saviors. Fans were speculating on Facebook what her return means, though many had forgotten she was even alive.

#MondayAShowOrSong: It's hard returning to work after a long weekend. At least there's a new Twitter distraction. The objective is to add "Monday" or the concept of Monday to any pop culture bit, creating instant classics like "The Working Dead," "Last Man Standing in line for coffee" and "Smells like routine spirit." Just four more days till Friday, gang.

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