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Cute 4-year-old Marvel trivia whiz shows off her skills

It's doesn't get much more geek-adorable than watching a 4-year-old girl casually toss out answers to Marvel trivia questions while cruising in a car.

Mia Grace
Mia is a comic book whiz kid. DaddyDadBlog

You might think you're a Marvel super-fan, but little 4-year-old Mia Grace will crush you. She shows no mercy as she deftly handles Marvel trivia questions from her parents, all while calmly riding in a car seat on the way to the store.

Mia's dad posted a video of his daughter tossing off answers like "Loki" and "vibranium" as if they were answers to questions about her favorite color or what she likes to eat. The young comic book fan has managed to build up quite a store of superhero knowledge, no doubt thanks to some quality geek parenting.

On his blog, Mia's dad introduces the video with, "This is my daughter. She is a little me. By that I mean she has what would appear to be an encyclopedic knowledge of things she loves." One of those things she loves just happens to be comic books.

Mia may have the Marvel universe memorized, but her actual favorite comic book is "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." She also tends to prefer dressing up as a princess, but princesses can be successful geeks, too.

You can try your hand against Mia by watching the video, but good luck beating her to all the answers. Here's a practice quiz to get you ready: "Name some of the stones in the Infinity Gauntlet" and "What is the Scarlet Witch's real name?" If you don't know the answers, Mia will fill you in.

(Via io9)