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Cut the Rope finally swings into Android Market

Cut the Rope, one of the most popular iPhone and iPad games, is now available to download from the Android Market.

Cut the Rope, one of our favourite iPhone and iPad games, is now available to download from the Android Market. Android fans can also get hold of it via the Amazon Appstore and GetJar.

The app costs 62p without ads. If you're determined not to spend any money, then the GetJar version, which launched a few weeks ago, is free (yay!) but ad-supported (boo!).

Cut the Rope sees gamers using their smart phone's touchscreen to slice through a swinging rope bearing a delicious candied treat, so that it falls into the mouth of Om Nom, a hungry monster. Satisfying the insatiable little oik becomes increasingly tough, as bubbles, balloons and other obstacles are introduced into the mix.

The game is ridiculously addictive. Don't be surprised if collecting three stars on every level becomes more important to you than feeding your family.

Cut the Rope made it into our super-exclusive list of the ten greatest mobile games of all time, alongside such heavyweights as Angry Birds, Snake and Peggle.

It's great to see popular iPhone and iPad titles ported across to Android. We're massive fans of Google's mobile operating system, but its app and game selection doesn't match that of Apple's iOS. Hopefully, the addition of successful games and a few well-placed exclusives can make Android even more appealing in the long term.