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Cut the Rope 2 out today for 69p, is as cute and fun as ever

Cut the Rope 2 is available on iOS today for 69p. It's as adorable and entertaining as ever.

The adorable green Om Nom is back for another rope-slicing, balloon-popping outing in Cut the Rope 2, available from 19 December on iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch, with an Android version following soon. I've been playing the game ahead of the launch and can say it's just as fun and cute as ever.

As before, the goal of the game is to navigate a large candy from a starting point, into the waiting mouth of the game's hero, Om Nom, collecting stars along the way. Gameplay is much the same as it was on the first game so if you were a fan before, you'll certainly have a good time in its second outing.

Om Nom has a bunch of friends with him too, each of which has a special power that will be essential to use in different levels of the game. Roto, for example, flies along a pre-set course, carrying Om Nom or the candy until you tap to drop, while Blue will replicate rapidly when you tap on him. The new characters' abilities help bring in new challenges to the game, which stops it from feeling too similar to the first game.

In-app payments are offered, but these are only to buy extra items or hints to help you get through particularly challenging levels. I never used any of these and found -- after numerous tries in some cases -- to still be able to get through the levels. The sense of accomplishment you'll feel finally collecting all three stars on the really tough levels is worth persevering for.

I generally found it a lot of fun and, assuming you enjoyed its predecessor, it will give you countless hours of entertainment on the bus or, more likely, the toilet. Om Nom is more adorable than ever thanks to additional animations and a series of cute hats, and his friends have enough of the 'squee factor' to make you fall in love with them immediately.

Whether you played and enjoyed the first game or not, Cut the Rope 2 is definitely worth the 69p asking price and I highly recommend giving it a whirl as soon as possible.

Are you a fan of Cut the Rope? Are you looking forward to playing the latest outing of Om Nom or do you prefer a more solemn game of sudoku in the morning? Let me know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.