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Cut the headphone cord with Samsung T10 Bluetooth media player, $96 shipped

Amazon has the Samsung T10 on sale for $96 shipped, down from $170 when the player debuted late last year.


Cheap things come to those who wait. Samsung's T10 media player sold for around $170 when it debuted just a couple months ago, but now you can snap one up from Amazon for just $96 shipped.

At first blush, this 4GB flash player might look like little more than an iPod nano knockoff--and in many respects it is. But unlike Apple's player, the T10 includes an FM tuner (and recorder, a feature I doubt anyone ever uses), support for the Rhapsody subscription service, and an RSS feed reader. It plays videos, too.

But the real nano-killing feature is stereo Bluetooth, which allows you to pair the T10 with Bluetooth headphones (not included, alas) for wireless rockin'.

CNET gave the T10 high marks, and users liked it even better still--particularly Amazon customers, who rated it 4.5 stars out of 5. I haven't used the T10 myself, but I have known the pleasure of Bluetooth headphones. Now if only Apple would wise up and add Bluetooth support to iPods...