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Wearable Tech

Customize your Moto 360 smartwatch with Moto Maker, now live

Motorola just added the Moto 360 to the Moto Maker Web service, letting you add personal touches to your smartwatch like custom case finishes, band styles and your choice of 11 watch faces.


Two years ago, Motorola launched the Moto Maker online studio, inviting users to create a personalized Moto X phone using custom hues, patterns and engravings crafted to order at the company's Texas factory. When it launched, the tool was only available for AT&T customers in select areas, but today Motorola expands the service to include the Moto 360 smart watch , with immediate availability in the US, France, Germany and Mexico.

The relaunched tool has three main categories stocked with design options for three main areas of the watch: the case, the band and the watch face. The case can be purchased in a light or dark finish for a base price of $249.99 or £200. A third Champagne gold finish adds an extra $30 to the overall tag.

Next, you select your preferred band size -- the leather band only comes in one fixed 22mm version, but you can pick between Stone, Black and Cognac Leather shades. The metal band comes in 23mm and 18mm sizes, but you'll pay a $50 premium for the metal and gold finishes.

The last thing you get to pick out is the default watch face that shows up when you access the watch. Of course, you can also create one yourself with the Motorola Connect app, but there are a few light and dark presets for inspiration.

To get started, head over to the Moto Maker Web site for the Moto 360.