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Gaming, The Onion-style: Customize your character's bones

In MMOs, players can completely customize their characters' external features, but soon, they could be altering their bones and arteries. According to The Onion, anyway.

When players first launch a massively multiplayer online game, or MMO, one of the first things they must undertake is creating a character that will represent them in the online world. Over the past few years, the amount of features plays can customize has grown exponentially. Players can now alter things like their character's cheek bone structure, hair style and color, and even piercings and tattoos.

But soon, you'll be able to customize so much more, at least if a new report from The Onion is to be believed. In the report, The Onion shows how players of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls Online can completely customize all of their character's details, from their external features to their bones, ligaments, muscles, and arteries. And, as with real life, if you create a musculoskeletal system that wouldn't actually let you move, you'll probably just fall over and die in the game as well.

Before those of you who play Elder Scrolls Online try to download a patch for your game, remember that a patch doesn't exist. Yet. No, you can't edit the internal makings of your beloved characters just yet, but with all the advances that have happened with customized characters in the past few years, maybe you will someday soon.