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Customize your colors with Saitek's new Cyborg keyboard

Saitek just announced the Cyborg keyboard, a gaming keyboard with multiple lighting zones that can be customized.

Saitek Cyborg keyboard

Lighted keyboards are nothing new, but they tend to light every key the same way, or can be limited to just one color. Saitek is changing that with the Cyborg keyboard, a gaming keyboard with a unique, multicolored lighting system.

Watch the Saitek Cyborg Keyboard video on CNET TV.

The Cyborg keyboard divides its keys into a variety of zones, like the WASD keys, the other letter keys, the number pad, and the arrow keys. When gaming, users can customize the lighting of each zone through the keyboard's touch sensor panel, changing the zones' color and brightness. The WASD keys can blaze bright red, the number pad and letters can glow a soft green, and the hot keys on the keyboards' sides can light up orange.

Besides customizable lighting, the Cyborg keyboard includes a variety of other gaming features. The WASD keys, arrow keys, and space bar are metal-plated, giving them a different look from the other keys, and according to Saitek, makes them wear better. Users can program the side hot keys with custom commands and macros for certain games. Finally, two USB jacks, a microphone jack, and an audio/headphone jack sit on the keyboard, letting users hook up additional devices like headsets and game controllers through the keyboard itself.

Saitek plans to ship the Cyborg keyboard in March, with a suggested retail price of $80.