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Custom-fit Yurbuds enhance uncomfortable earphones

Yurbuds are custom-fit earbud enhancers that fit onto almost any earphones.


The comfort of earbuds, especially those issued with MP3 players, is often unpredictable--they fall out, sit loose, or just plain hurt.

Seth Burgett, CEO of St. Louis, MO-based Yurtopia, realized the need for a comfortable earbud while training for the Iron Man triathlon.

Using his background in minimally invasive surgical devices, he saw an opportunity for consumers to improve instead of replace their existing earbuds with "earbud enhancers."

Consumers can send in a photo of their ear, which Yurtopia uses to determine the correct size. There are a total of 12 different sizes, so although Yurbuds aren't individually molded, the range of sizes allows for a more appropriate fit.

Yurbuds isolate the sound and prevent leakage, which tends to occur with loose-fitting earbuds. As a result, a consumer might be able to reduce the volume from on their device by up to 40 percent, Yurtopia explains.

Yurbuds are available now for $20 a pair, or $30 for a pack of two.