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Custom D5 Stephen Colbert video pulled from D5 site, but it's back now

News of the weird: Custom D5 Stephen Colbert video pulled from D5 site.

Update: The video is back. All is explained on the D5 site. Here it is:

The intro for Viacom CEO Phillipe Dauman at D5 came from Stephen Colbert (a Viacom employee), via tape. It was very funny. But not nearly as funny as the fact that the video, which was then posted to the D5 site, was quickly removed after Viacom's lawyers demanded it.

You gotta be kidding me. CNET NEtworks

And let's be clear: It's not like this video was an episode of the Colbert Report. It had no ads and it never aired on a Viacom channel. Furthermore, Dauman said on stage that he was not going to sue to remove the video if it was posted.

Maybe the takedown algorithm that Steve Chen was pitching earlier today needs some more tuning.