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Currys and PC World Essentials: Own brand, no frills gadgets

DSGi has announced own-brand gadgets from Currys and PC World

DSG International has announced a selection of own-brand gadget ranges. DSGi, or Dixons retail or whetever it's called these days, will sell the affordable products at Currys and PC World.

Currys Essentials will offer "straightforward, no-nonsense, functional products at an unbeatable price". From office kettles to student toasters, Currys Essentials will be no-frills electricals. 

PC World Essentials will include the sort of gubbins you need around your computer: cables and printing inks, USB sticks, mice and netbooks. Hang on -- it's a bit of a leap from printer cartridges and USB sticks to netbooks.

The company will also sell tech under three other brand names. Logik is a range of small televisions and other appliances.

Sandstrom is a spot of branding nicked from Ikea, as products "combine aesthetics with performance". That's silver kitchen appliances to you and me. And microwaves, but stylish ones.

Finally, Goji is a range of other ephemera like bags, cases and storage for your gadgets on the go.

Hearing this news, our editor popped his teeth back in to mutter something about Saisho, the Dixons brand from the early 1980s, before going back to muttering about modern music being all shouting and trying to feed a fax into a coffee machine.