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Current Media: Nope, we're not closing an office

The edgy cable TV company has denied a rumor floating on a popular Twitter account that suggested it will be closing its downtown San Francisco headquarters.


A rumor floated on the Twitter account known as The Media Is Dying--which, for obvious reasons, has been fairly active as of late--indicated on Wednesday morning that Current Media, the cable and Web media company co-founded by former Vice President Al Gore, is closing its San Francisco office. The Twitter account, which has broken a handful of accurate layoff and shutdown stories as of late, claimed that it had "confirmed" the office closing.

But Current was quick to deny the rumor. Not that we have to remind you, but don't believe everything you read on Twitter.

"No, not true," a Current spokesman told CNET News in an e-mail. "I have no idea where this comes from."

Current, which also has an office in Los Angeles, went through a round of layoffs in the middle of November.

UPDATE: The company also posted a series of Twitter messages in response to the rumor: