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Current Caller ID shares caller's social-media updates: TMI?

The flood of Facebook friend updates continues unabated. Are you ready for it to invade your caller ID, too?

Current Caller ID
It's a social-media feed for your caller ID. WhitePages

Current Caller ID is an almost fiendishly clever app. It feeds your contacts' social-media updates right to your Android phone. Even if Aunt Matilda's status update about her recent purchase of an iPhone 5 fell under your Facebook radar, you'll be able to quickly get up to speed when she calls you for tech support.

For friends and colleagues who use Twitter and let apps access their Facebook pages, the Current Caller ID app works very well. If a good chunk of your contact list falls into that category, then the app can add a lot to your experience.

In my case, many of my contacts aren't very active on Facebook or Twitter. My brother, for example, is only on Google+, but there isn't yet an option to access his updates through the app.

There's still useful information, even if you don't get the social-media additions from a particular caller. It gives you the weather and a local headline for the area code your caller is calling from.

That could be a great conversation starter, depending on the the headline. "Hi, Fred, great to hear from you. Hope you're staying dry in those thunderstorms! And, hey, how about your police chief resigning and leaving a dog as the only officer in town?"

Current Caller ID is actually a fairly efficient way to process social media. In a time where we're inundated with heaps of updates from endless friend lists, this puts the updates for the people who really matter at the moment (people you're actually talking to) at your fingertips.