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Cuisinart recalls food processors after blade pieces end up in food

About 8 million units are impacted by the voluntary recall from Cuisinart's parent company, Conair.

The recall includes Cuisinart food processors with four rivets in the blades as pictured above.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission

Cuisinart has issued a voluntary recall for about 8 million food processors because of a risk of the blade cracking and breaking off into food, according to a release from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued Tuesday. Conair, the company that owns Cuisinart, has received 69 reports of people who found pieces of a blade in their food, and 30 reports of injury, the recall said. About 300,000 food processors in Canada are also affected.

The recall involves food processors with model numbers that begin with the following (the model number's on the bottom of the food processor):

  • CFP-9
  • CFP-11
  • DFP-7
  • DFP-11
  • DFP-14
  • DLC-5
  • DLC-7
  • DLC-8
  • DLC-10
  • DLC-XP
  • DLC-2007
  • DLC-2009
  • DLC-2011
  • DLC-2014
  • DLC-3011
  • DLC-3014
  • EV-7
  • EV-10
  • EV-11
  • EV-14
  • KFP-7
  • MP-14

The blades on the affected units have four rivets, are silver-colored stainless steel and have a beige plastic center. If you have one of the recalled food processors, you should stop using it and contact Cuisinart for a replacement blade by calling 877-339-2534 or going to the company's website, according to the recall.